First Texas Building

Our History

The First Texas Building is a historic six story building, containing approximately 34,000 square feet of leaseable office space. It is located in a historic part of Downtown Wichita Falls, at 901 Indiana Avenue, on the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Ninth and Indiana Streets. Our parking lot is just across the street, on the northeast quadrant of the same intersection.

Construction of this building began in 1925 by J. J. Perkins, perhaps the greatest of our local entrepreneurs, and his partner, another prominent Wichitan, C. W. Snider. The building was originally named the Perkins-Snider Building and opened in September, 1928. Radio was the emerging technology of the time and the building's prime tenant was radio station KGKO. A short time later, the building was renamed the Radio Building.

By the mid-1980's, the building was 60 years old and its cosmetics were pretty dated. At that time the building was purchased by a large, national real estate investment company from out of this area. The building was "gutted" and then "reconstructed" with high quality materials and skilled craftsmen to the specifications of a modern office building, including the addition of an atrium. All of this was accomplished while retaining the charm of the building's original construction.

Lonny Morrison and trusts he formed for his descendants, acquired in 1988, interests in the an investment company that then purchased the First Texas Building. In 2009, Lonny and the trusts each increased their ownership interests and in July 2015, Lonny and the trusts purchased the interests of all other owners in the company. Since July 2015, the building has undergone many improvements and the occupancy rate has increased dramatically. In November, 1988, the name Radio Building, long ago outdated, was replaced and the building was renamed the First Texas Building.

The New Downtown

We have recently leased and renovated space for Mission Broadcasting, Inc., the owner of local television Channel 18 (Fox); Murphy Family Partnership, Ltd; Offenhauser Oil & Gas, LLC; Manana Equity Management Corp.; Hoegger Communications (Jackie Hoegger); Trish Coleman Byars, Attorney; Kim Askew's Homes for Heroes; Legacy Properties (Beau Byars and Ben Belew); Slant Energy, LLC; and Marc Cannedy, a petroleum landman.

Our Vision Of The Future

We expect the new downtown to be a vibrant, fun and unique place to work and to live with quality restaurants, art studios, shops of all kinds, nice bars, charitable organizations, professionals of all disciplines, small businesses and pleasant, comfortable places to live. All of this will not be accomplished immediately but the foundation is now being laid.

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